Cosmetic Tattooing

Natural pigment highlights are applied to hide imperfections, scars and other skin conditions

Why Cosmetic Tattooing?

Permanent Make-up or Dermapigmentation; enormously beneficial for specific individuals by applying pigment highlights to the epidermis.

  • Would you like to camouflage scars, dissatisying features, uneven pigmentation, or uneven hair lines?
  • Do you have issues with make-up and it’s application (allergies, disability, oily skin, illness, arthritis, paralysis, etc)?
  • Professional model, actor/actress, athlete or time deprived professional looking for a convenient make-up solution?

Answered yes? You’ll benefit from skinastute Cosmetic Tattooing.

Cosmetic Tattooing at Skinastute

Our brilliant clinicians administer the finest pigment highlight solutions. Ask your Skinastute clinician for more information and prices.

Science & Beauty, How it works?

Using the proven, safe, SoftTap™ method, designed specifically for cosmetic tattooing, colour (dermal pigment highlights) is evenly dispursed into into the upper layer of the skin. This natural pigment highlights your features and results in a natural appearance.

The pigment is completely safe and nontoxic, specifically developed for human skin.

These highlights define the eyes, eyebrows and lips. Although called permanent-makeup they will generally last between to 2-6 years.