The Clinic


A place to achieve your aesthetic dreams and find your true beauty

Our Mantra

“Very little separates beauty and science; they are one and the same, whilst remaining completely distinct. We cannot achieve true, undeniable beauty without the nature of science…”

“Skinastute is in constant pursuit of perfection, a pursuit which has allowed our clients to achieve incredible results throughout our vast array of treatments. We love skin and we share in the pleasure our clients feel when they finally overcome the burdens which have laden them with negative emotions and experiences.”

The Location

Located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, in the vibrant township of Rosebud is the famous skin clinic. Central to the major shopping and cafe district of Rosebud, the clinic is a skincare centrepiece for a town which seems more captivating with every visit.

For residents of Rosebud, or the surrounding Peninsula towns, skinastute is considered the only clinic to visit for medical skincare, clinical or beauty treatments, with unmatched service offerings and results. For those who live in Melbourne or it’s surrounds, skinastute is an unquestionable rival to the finest city clinics and makes for an excellent excuse to visit the beach, or nearby shopping and cafes, before or after your treatment.

Inside the Clinic

Step into the skinastute clinic, and you’re met with an environment both modern and inviting. Bright and spacious, the Rosebud clinic is an ideal locale to achieve your ideal skin. We have an extensive range of facilities, a private waiting area and a number of consulting suites.