Premature Aging

Look older than you are?

Premature aging affects an enormous number of individuals around the world. It can be caused by a number of factors including; UV radiation, exposure to enviromental toxins, disease, diet, etc. The major symptoms begin to appear at an ‘earlier than expected’ age, however it should be noted that individuals age at different rates, thus what appears to be premature aging may infact just be the natural aging process taking effect.

The symptoms are crow’ s feet, loss of a glowing complexion, paired with dark circles, fine lines or dry, less elastic skin. One might drastically improve their condition by drinking lots of water and eating Vitamin-rich foods to restore their skin’s natural requirements. In most cases however, reversing pre-mature aging requires the use of topical creams with anti-aging ingredients (medical cosmeceuticals), skin resurfacing treatments (peels, facials, dermabrasion, etc) and collagen induction / stem cell treatments.

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